Product Targeting is the latest PPC advertising tool from Amazon. This invaluable tool can drastically increase your sales with the potential for greater reach than standard Keyword Targeting.

With the advent of Amazon, PPC advertising has been leveraging its revenue growth strength every year. One reason for its continued use is the regular addition of new features. Amazon Product Targeting is a more recent addition. You should familiarize yourself with it because it can be a far more powerful tool than traditional Keyword Targeting.

Product Targeting Explained

Targeting Products works through either category or ASIN targeting. You can further refine category targeting based on brand targeting, price range, review ratings, and shipping type. Utilizing this advanced filter can make a huge difference in sales velocity with careful observation. Sellers can have a competitive advantage by targeting a particular ASIN and getting a more significant market share.

Product Targeting is robust because it targets products across all advertising types: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. You cannot do this with keywords. No doubt, it provides an added value to the Product Targeting option.

Bidding Strategies differ according to campaign type when enlisting the Product Targeting option. For Sponsored Display, the Bidding Strategy is Down only (Dynamic Bids – Down only). Sponsored Product campaign types allow choosing any Bidding Strategy (Down only, Up & Down, Fixed Bid). It also asks to set custom bid adjustments or to enable Amazon to optimize bids for placements automatically.

Product Targeting also varies (campaign type) in Ad Placements. These are triggered by different target types like Keywords, ASIN, and Video. Sponsored Product is the only campaign type that allows users to target Top of Search (ToS) and Product Pages. Top of Search (ToS) is the only single unit placement that Amazon has ever allowed bidding. Groups can use every other type of placement.

Back in the days when sellers were only allowed to target keywords, a few understood the significance of ASIN. As a result, ASINs were targeted as a Keyword in the Campaign or Backend section (or both). From this understanding, anyone may conclude that Amazon closely monitors the seller’s activity as it does with the customers. Amazon is just fulfilling sellers’ wishes along with its increasing market share. 

Liazon Marketing Can Help with Product Targeting

You can perform a new form of product targeting through Amazon pay-per-click campaigns. Liazon Marketing offers the tools and skills needed to make them succeed. With it, you can see profound results in as little as 2 to 4 weeks instead of months.

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