It’s no surprise that Amazon rakes in a significant amount of their profit through advertising (more commonly referred to as pay-per-click). However, it’s not just Amazon that benefits from sellers running PPC. Sellers themselves can achieve significant sales utilizing PPC, and, just like there are tons of different sellers and products on the Amazon market, there are just as many advertising strategies and types of PPC you can implement.

But what types of PPC campaigns are the most effective and why? In this article, we will be discussing the significant value of Sponsored Brand Videos as an option and why you, as an Amazon Seller, can get a lot of juice utilizing them.

What are Sponsored Brand Video Ads?

With the introduction of PPC video, advertising on Amazon was catapulted to a whole new level by targeting keywords via captivating videos. It is the latest ad format that allows retailers to leverage Sponsored Brand ads and tap into the psychological power of video content, which has proven to be vastly more effective than images and written content alone.

Since its birth on Amazon, Sponsored Brand Video has proven its potential in drawing attention and engaging more targeted customers than simple static images.

The Significance of Video Advertisement

Sponsored Brand Videos allow sellers to engage more shoppers by improving their shopping experiences by addressing the following:

Differentiated Product Visibility: With social media being a driving force behind most human behavior, it’s no surprise that, with the inundation of videos, images, and content, it is hard to grab the attention of potential customers. Sponsored Ads Video is an excellent opportunity that enables your potential customers to engage with your brand story in a more compelling way than the other available Ad formats.

Potential Reach: Keyword targeting optimization (assuming you are implementing the correct data and strategies) allows you as the seller to quickly reach more potential customers with educational, demonstrative, and product-focused content. Furthermore, it promotes not just your product but your brand as well.

Creative Opportunities: Utilizing Sponsored Ads creative builder allows you to ensure format optimization so that you may relay your message and hold customers’ attention with your creativity. Alternatively, you can hire professionals to create a 30-second video that truly captures the features, benefits, and incentives for purchase.

Important Consideration for Video Creation

If you are going to hire a professional marketing firm to both shoot your video and manage the PPC for it, make sure that they follow the criteria below:

  1. They do a full analysis of market demand, competitors’ advantages, and creative opportunity to make buying-intent video content convincing and persuasive to potential customers.
  2. They comply with Amazon’s suggestions by keeping the video brief and deliver the core message in the first 5 seconds while maintaining the optimal video length of 15-30 seconds.
  3. They ensure product-focused video content to showcase your brand in the right way, so it is both enticing and unforgettable (with unforgettable being the primary goal).
  4. They know how to optimize Keyword Targeting properly and will ensure maximum profitability while lowering overall ACoS.

The Video Production Team at Liazon Marketing practices all the above considerations and guidelines while creating effective video advertising campaigns that typically increase profitability by 18% or more. Please reach out to us for any questions regarding videography or PPC.

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