Amazon Bullet Descriptions

Bullet points on Amazon listings
are the integral parts that improve the visibility of products in the marketplace. Sellers usually take this opportunity to emphasize key product benefits to their respective audiences.

According to a study, on average, an Amazon product listing may hold its shoppers’ attention for a duration of fewer than 10 seconds. So, it’s always a challenge for sellers to deliver their product message within a short period. On top of that, Amazon recently allows sellers to use five extra bullet points to its listing in certain categories. It certainly poses a great impact on buyer readiness as well as on listing optimization.

Below we will discuss how the change associated with Amazon FBA bullet points may affect customer experiences and Amazon listing optimization.

Improve Content Skimmability

Sellers used to be concerned with how to write a skimmable bullet point that may retain readers while generating sales. However, they don’t want to compromise both product features and important keywords. As a result, it fails to secure the traction sellers were hoping for. The ability to utilize an additional five bullet points may provide shoppers with the most relevant information while improving consistent readership and sales by offering concise sentences highlighting the most critical benefits of the product.

Keyword Optimization

Stuffing keywords to make a fancy bullet point is a common practice among sellers that distracts readers and prevents them from engaging with the message itself. Besides, it never improves search visibility. The more you fail to retain your shoppers in your listing, the more they will leave your page, which will affect your ranking with these keywords. With ten bullet points, you may align the most appropriate keywords with the most relevant information in a more concise way.

Organizing Customer’s Pain Points

It is now possible to address certain pain points in a more organized way with ten bullet points. Earlier, it was a popular practice to merge two or more benefits within a single bullet point, which was often difficult to read and understand. With more bullet points, we may now highlight a product’s problem-solving ability in a more organized way to our targeted audiences.

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