Views Remarketing

Amazon Sponsored Display
has recently added a new feature named ‘Views Remarketing’ as a subset of Sponsored Display audiences. This feature’s primary purpose is to connect sellers with shoppers who have viewed specific product detail pages in the past 30 days.

Types of Custom Audiences

Amazon Display with views marketing is one of the best ways to advertise on amazon as it may engage sellers with three different kinds of shoppers:

  1. Advertised Product Audiences: Shoppers having viewed your advertised products in the last 30 days on Amazon are included in this segment. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best opportunities to promote a brand aiming for brand awareness.
  1. Similar to Advertised Products Audiences: This refers to the shoppers who have viewed similarly advertised products in the past 30 days on Amazon. It enables a seller to get more market share by triggering opportunistic placements.
  1. Category Audiences: This enables an Amazon seller to target shoppers who have viewed products within a particular category or browse node in the past 30 days on Amazon. One may refine this audience based on product attribute refinements (Price Range, Brand, Prime Eligibility, or Ratings).



Bidding Strategy of Display Advertising

Sponsored Display’s Views Remarketing is charged based on CPC (cost-per-click). So, you are not going to be charged unless someone clicks on your product advertisement. Interestingly, here the bidding strategy is Up & Down. Previously, the sponsored display bidding strategy was Down only.

Creatives Opportunity

The creative option can add a logo and custom headlines to occupy more market share from the competitors. Otherwise, one may use auto-generated creatives based on their product details.

Advantages of Views Remarketing

  1. Increase brand awareness along with Sponsored Brand
  2. Reaches most recent (past 30 days) highly targeted audiences
  3. Increases conversion rate
  4. Engages shoppers both on and off amazon

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