Amazon releases new features from time to time since its inception. However, features having competitive advantage potential has a special appeal to amazon sellers. Product Targeting within Sponsored Display campaign type is one of them. Besides, it is also available to Sponsored Product campaign type.

Amazon seller may utilize one of the below targeting options to utilize Product Targeting features:-

Category Targeting

It is so far one of the most significant but unutilized options throughout the seller community. Amazon usually suggests category targeting by default, once you build the campaign. However, you may search and target other categories as well. Keep in mind that you have to target the most relevant categories/sub-categories that define your product. To do so, one has to understand his/her product’s niche very well and find out how deep the niche is.

The most important feature of category targeting is nothing but the ‘Refine’ section. You may easily find this tab just near the ‘Target’ option. Upon clicking on this, you will optimize the following things:-

Brand: It includes a drop-down box suggesting brand names to target. Besides, you may search any brand you know and target them to take competitive advantage.

Price Range: With price range option, you can target products to gain competitive advantage based on your product price. It’s not uncommon that seller’s use to target higher price value products with this option.

Review Star Ratings: Taking review advantage is one of the popular practices among top amazon sellers due to its significance. If anyone studied about the Sponsored Display’s Ad placement, he/she may wonder how important Ad placements it occupies. Detail page inline messaging, product detail pages and across other amazon pages it has it’s placements. Two prime locations on the product detail page (under the buy-box and bullet-points) is important to divert shoppers to their product page that includes rating points.  

Shipping Status: According to your brand dominance, you may take advantage with this option to further bolster your sales velocity.

Individual Products Targeting

With this feature, you may target individual products based on your criteria. Here, amazon will suggest you a list of products based on the product page. But, it’s always advisable to target a product after thorough market research.

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