What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP refers to Demand Side Platform which enables advertisers search and buy digital advertising inventory (ad placement on a given website) across the web. It is available for advertisers either selling or not selling products on amazon.

The Significance of Amazon DSP

Primarily, it allows advertisers to programmatically reach their targeted audiences across both amazon-owned sites and apps (for instance, IMDB). Here, Amazon’s algorithm automatically filters out the best ad placements (on & off amazon) for you with bids according to your targeted audience and budget.

How Amazon DSP Works?

To initiate dsp advertising, an advertiser have to choose one of the following options:-

  1. Enterprise Self-service: It involves direct involvement (hands on) either by an individual or an agency. However, the process is still automatic (or programmatic). As an advertiser, here you may be involved with the bidding process, setting price and choosing landing pages to promote advertisements.
  2. Managed-Service: It is fully-automated services supervised by amazon employees to find you the best advertising options for your business. Generally, it requires a minimum ad spend of $35,000 to have this service.

Amazon DSP Ad Targeting

Unarguable, amazon proves it again and again that how successful they are to understand customer behavior. And, it is possible by their dynamic algorithm. Till now, amazon DSP has released six targeting options based on their audience behavior analysis.

Remarketing: It allows you to re-engages with your previous customers who interact with your products.

Audience Lookalike: It targets audiences similar to your current audiences.

Behavioral Targeting’s: Using this option will allow you to target customers browsing around your category in the past 30 days.

Contextual Targeting: It displays real-time relevant ads across the web.

Lifestyle Targeting: It basically targets shoppers who usually buy from a certain category.

Advertiser Audiences: Utilizing a tracking pixel, it leverages data from brands.

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