When you are a newbie seller in the Amazon marketplace, it’s easy to create and manage advertising campaigns. Advertising console in 2021 now makes it more simple to manage and optimize campaigns. With manual operation, it allows you to do almost everything including creating new campaigns, Ad groups; adding or negating keywords and/or product targeting, optimizing bids and so on.

With time, your advertising strategies will change as well as your bid optimization strategies. It will make you create new campaigns and Ad Groups, adjust bids and bidding strategy along with some other necessary adjustments. The more you adjust (adding/negating) your advertising campaigns, the more it will get complicated. Now, your challenge would be to manage and optimize a bulk volume of data while accomplishing your advertising goal. So, can you handle this huge amount of data manually? Certainly, you may. But, are there any drawbacks? Unfortunately, it’s yes. Time efficiency and smooth bid management are two challenges associated with manual processes. For example, you cannot increase or decrease all your current running keywords for all campaigns once at a time. Rather, you have to go through each and every campaigns and Ad groups separately to do so.

Is there any better way? Absolutely, and it is a bulk operation. We will now discuss more about this bulk operation to efficiently optimize your PPC campaigns.


What is Bulk Operation?

Bulk operation is a procedure or method in amazon advertising that may cause thousands of changes in accordance with bid management operation. Most importantly, you may do it with a single upload. To do so, you just have to download a bulk operation spreadsheet from your seller’s central account and adjust the targeted data based on your necessity and upload the completed adjusted document accordingly.

Objectives of Bulk Operation

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