Shoppers while scrolling the top searches on amazon found some products having small dark blue badges appearing on the site. It is an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge that originated in 2015. Amazon comes with this badge regarding amazon alexa rank.

Many speculations revolve around the Amazon seller community to understand how to acquire this Amazon Choice Badge.  We will now discuss some of the factors that are considered to be the vehicle to achieve this destination.

High Sales Velocity

Having high sales volume is one of the primary conditions to get an ‘Amazon Choice Badge’. Seller should keep in mind that one may not achieve both ‘Best Seller Badge’ and ‘Amazon Choice Badge’ at the same time. The conditions to get each badge have differences regarding factor considerations.

Positive Ratings & Reviews

Products having high ratings with positive reviews makes a product way ahead to obtain ‘Amazon Choice Badge’. Most of the reviews should be above 4.5 stars. After disabling the reply option for sellers on the comment section, now it’s become difficult to contact customers to encourage reviews.

Fast Shipping

Delivering a product with fastest shipping is one the crucial factors to acquire this badge. It’s such an important criteria of ‘amazon choice badge’ that may prioritize a product having low sales velocity over a best seller product with high sales volume.

Competitive Pricing

It is not uncommon that a seller loses it’s ‘amazon choice badge’ for not aligning with a reasonable pricing point. Dynamic pricing fluctuation makes it difficult to pinpoint a price into the ‘well-priced category’.

Evaluating numerous products data, the Liazon Marketing PPC team has found that it doesn’t always need to fulfill all the four important attributes (above mentioned) to get ‘amazon choice badge’. Keywords with specificity can be utilized to obtain this badge. For more information, please visit our website:- 

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