This year Amazon will held it’s Prime Day on June 21-22,  starting one minute after midnight. It will include over 2 million deals globally which will be regularly updated until 11:59pm on June 22.

Prime Day is a two-day online sales event hosted by Amazon, where you will find hugely competitive deals 

Amazon said that last year Prime members saved more than $1.4 billion during Prime Day with sales up 60 percent year-on-year, with more of us than ever turning to online retailers. 

While many of the best offers are expected to be released over the course of the event, Amazon has already started dropping some early deals that you can take advantage of right now, including discounts and coupons.

 All these stratistics are incredible for amazon sellers also.

Prime day is an awesome opportunity to increase sales and bring your brand in front of your potential customer.

But to get the best results it is important to have a well – pointed strategy.

We will not talk now about having a good Optimized Listing . In case you missed the article , you may find it HERE.

You, as a seller need to be ready for Prime Day.

Your first step should be : Setting up a discount coupon. This will attract more customers, and according to human psychology – a discounted price is always an attraction  and 9.99 catches the eyes better then 10.00$ price. 

Secondly, you will have to create a special PPC campaign. Because this is a short term event you will get most of the result by running a partially aggressive PPC campaign.

This will help you grab the slice of the pie in your niche along with gathering some useful data for further optimization.

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