Recently, Amazon launched new product types and added relevant attributes in the listing experience to improve your product detail pages.

When creating a new listing, you can view these new product types in Seller Central when classifying your product in Add a product tool and when selecting the appropriate template to download via Add a product via upload.

You can provide these attributes by editing your products via Manage Inventory or by updating your listings in bulk. Providing these attributes will increase the quality of your product details to enhance the shopping experience for our customers.

A PT (Product type) refers to a set of products that share similar attributes. For example, the ‘PILLOW’ PT can refer to products such as bed pillows, throw pillows and furniture pillows. Each PT has a corresponding template that allows you to provide relevant information about the product.

Amazon continues to introduce new PTs to enable Selling Partners to more accurately describe their products at the time of listing. For example, ‘MEASURING CUP’ is a more granular PT than the “Kitchen” PT. Selecting the right PT at the time of listing helps you describe your product more accurately and improves your listing convenience by only being asked for data on product-specific attributes. These product-specific attributes are tagged ‘Recommended’ and providing data for these recommended attributes1 helps improve the overall shopping experience by helping customers make informed buying decisions.

Listing a product in a more granular PT enables the following features:

1.Enable the Product Overview experience: Product Overview will highlight important product attributes above the bullet points on the product detail page. This will help customers evaluate your product easily and make a faster buying decision.

2.Tabular Spec view in search: Tabular Spec view enables customers to read through the top product specifications for ASINs in search results, evaluate key differences between products, and help make purchase decisions quickly by surfacing key product details in a tabular format.

3.Enhanced Search Experience Based on Product Type (PT): Product Type will now be one of the variables to search experience. Having the right PT for your listings will help Amazon surface the right selection for customers.

Amazon will automatically re-classify existing ASINs to the newly created PTs. There is no action needed from your end to manually re-classify ASINs in your catalog to the new PTs.

Amazon creates a better customer shopping experience by organizing their catalog by product attributes and categories. Think about how a customer can drill down by Clothing > Women’s > Shoes >  Athletic > Running. Then, they can refine their search by color, brand, size, support type, feature, color, price, etc.

Customers can narrow down to the exact type of item that they want. If you want them to eventually purchase your product, you need to provide these exact types of attributes.

You don’t want to just offer a running shoes by Asic for $100. You want to sell a women’s, Asic running shoe, size 8, neutral support, lightweight, and $100. Attributes help online Amazon buyers know they’re buying exactly what they want.

Attributes also help drive how you organize your products. You can begin to use attribute to define product types and build collections. This type of management makes listing easier.

The list of tangible and intangible product attributes is near enough endless. Here’s a comprehensive (but by no means exhaustive) list of product attributes:

  1. Color
  2. Size
  3. Design
  4. Weight
  5. Content
  6. Smell
  7. Taste
  8. Feel
  9. Quantity
  10. Material makeup or ingredients
  11. Price
  12. Reliability
  13. Safety
  14. Packaging
  15. Marketing claims

Use this list is to make sure you are highlighting the right attributes and ensuring attributes are helping consumers not only find the product but are triggering them to buy as well.

Using this list can help marketers highlight a custom product’s attribute selection and make sure customers are seeing these positives in their online product searches. Products attributes should be easy to discover under an attributes tab, or through the main page.

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