When we say amazon product listing optimization, we’re talking about making sure your amazon product page is set up to attract new visitors, and convert shoppers into sales. If the customer doesn’t buy from you, it’s a huge waste of money. The customer may even go on to buy from a competitor, which is doubly bad.

• The first step to perfecting your listing is doing a listing audit, which we’ll run you through now on the surface.

There are three broad categories to cover in a listing audit. Before spending anything on paid ads, analyze these three areas and make sure they are fully optimized.

Keyword optimization

Amazon listing optimization means ensuring you’re covering all relevant keywords, your listing is set up to sell shoppers on your product.

An easy way to see if Google thinks your webpages are keyword relevant

First Step: Keyword strategy otimization.

Keyword research and optimization is a core part of selling on amazon. The most effective and valuable way to get traffic to your products is through amazon search, by ranking for keywords that customers are actively searching for.To rank for keywords, you need to display these keywords somewhere in your product listing.In this way, Amazon’s search algorithm knows that your product is related to these keywords, and will consider ranking you for them.

The two elements to consider when choosing keywords to go after are search volume (customers are searching for this keyword) and relevance (your product fits what someone is looking for when they type in this keyword). Keywords that have both – high search volume and highly relevant to your product – are the “golden goose” keywords.If you want to prioritize place them in your title, or high up in the “about this item” section.

Second Step: Optimization of the listing copy.

While optimizing for keywords is important, it shouldn’t be at the expense of readability and convincing sales copy. Thus an important part of amazon listing optimization is combining keyword coverage with copy optimized to convert. Ideally, your product listing should be readable, scanable (no big walls of text), and convincing.

Someone who lands on your product page hasn’t yet made up their mind on whether to buy your product or not. Your job is to convince them.

Amazon Product Photography


Third Step : Images Optimization

Lastly, the product photos on a lot of listings do not do justice to the product, A good product image should help the shopper imagine themselves using the product, and replace the feeling of actually holding and examining the product. You want to ensure you have professional, high-quality photos that shows the product in its best light.

Be sure to include a variety of photos showing off different benefits, use cases, and angles.

Of course, make sure your images follow Amazon’s guidelines too.

Images are particularly important on mobile because they take up the bulk of the screen ,mobile customers see just the title and image when they click to your product listing. Most mobile shoppers will swipe through the images before scrolling down.

So if your images are no good, most people will hit the back button.

Make sure your images give as much detail to your product as possible. Make it so there are no surprises when the customer gets the product.


Take some time and effort to make sure your product photos are as good as possible. Use high-quality photos, and include a variety of images showing the product from different angles, and showing it in use (lifestyle photos).


If you need help with any of these points , make sure you contact us today, and get ready for tommorow’s sales.

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