Use Amazon Stores to build your own brand experience by following these steps:
1. Create a seller account on Amazon and add your brand to the registry.
2. Log in by going to Seller Central.
3. From the main menu, go to Stores >> Manage Stores.
4. Select “Create Store” from the menu.
5. Choose a template for a store. On each one, there are content tiles for video, text, images, and other things that can be changed.
The following are the template options:
* Product Grid is a simple method for displaying your brand options.
* Marquee: Include a product display that has been selected with care and has additional space for customer reviews, images, and product descriptions.
* Showcase: For brands that sell a lot of products, a showcase is a flexible option. It has a lot of space for pictures and product information.
6. Open Store Builder in the Amazon store to create an online store for your brand.
7. From the Page Manager menu, select “Add a page” to add a new page to your online store. Enter the page’s name and a brief description after choosing a template.
8. Utilize the Tile Manager to add and arrange content on the page. Utilize video, text, and product images to combine for an engaging experience.
9. You can handpick products to feature in your store or use dynamic widgets to automatically populate various product displays, such as best-selling products or recommendations based on visitor behavior. Amazon data like keyword searches, best-selling products, and/or recommendation history are utilized by dynamic widgets to assist you in optimizing and updating the products displayed in your store.
10. Use the Preview Window to see how your store will appear in desktop and mobile browsers. Click on a tile on the page to select it for editing.
11. To show off a variety of features, product categories, and popular products, repeat steps 5 to 7 to create multiple pages for your store. Each page can lead to a different page in your store up to three levels deep.
12. After you have finished building your store, click “Submit for publication.”Your online store’s moderation process can take several days before it can be published. Keep an eye on the Status Bar to see how far you’ve come.
13. After your online store has gone live, go to Store Builder >> Insights to see how well it is doing. Update and improve your store by keeping track of sales, page views, visitors, traffic sources, and page views.



Why construct an online shop?
Because of its popularity, Amazon presents online sellers with an excellent opportunity. Independent third-party sellers used Amazon to reach hundreds of millions of customers, build their brands, and expand their businesses.

Selling your line of goods is a great way to stand out and look good on Amazon. In addition to providing you with the opportunity to sell your product, we have developed several free tools that enable you to create an online store for your brand, safeguard your brand name, display your goods, and connect with customers.
Sellers who operate their brand can design an online store that looks very different from the typical layout used by Amazon.

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