Features Of The Seller App for Running Your eCommerce Business

You can search for and locate products to sell using the Amazon Seller app. The visual search feature scans products with or without barcodes whenever inspiration strikes, assisting you immediately in locating information about products listed in Amazon stores.

The following are additional applications of the tool for streamlining business operations:

Build product listings

Free product photo editing

Manage product inventory 

Manage Pricing

Complete orders 

Track and analyze sales 

Keep up with customer service and engagement

Control promotions

Special offers: Follow the progress of deals on the Deals Dashboard, specifically Lightning Deals and 7-Day Deals.

Sponsored Products: Manage Sponsored Products campaigns and make adjustments.

Make use of additional tools for management 

Account Health: The Account Dashboard makes it easy to keep track of important metrics in one place. See how well your account complies with Amazon’s performance goals and policies.

Permissions for Users: Control user permissions and share access with your team. Users have the same user rights and roles and access to their Seller Central accounts as they do on the Seller Central website, regardless of whether they sign in via the app or a computer.

Foreign Business: With a single login, you can effectively manage global business.Business and country switch with one tap.

Support for Sellers: Send questions right away to the Seller Support team. Respond to ongoing support cases via the case log and effectively resolve issues.


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