FBA inventory Management

To list products, make shipping plans, send shipments, track and manage your shipments, and remove stock from Amazon fulfillment centers, use the tools in your seller account.

Dashboard for Inventory Performance

Your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score and significant contributing factors are shown on your dashboard. A low IPI score could result in overage charges and restrict your ability to transmit more products, so be sure to check it frequently.

Control excessive inventory

Knowing when to discount or eliminate your products can help you maintain optimal inventory levels. Keep track of specific details about storage costs, chances to boost sales, and advice on enhancing inventory returns.

Monitor inventory age

Increase sell-through rates and evade paying for long-term storage. To determine how much inventory you have on hand and how long it has been in fulfillment centers, use inventory age tools.

Fix stranded inventory

By adding the appropriate pricing and condition details and fixing errors, you can keep your listings live. Your inventory is not accessible for purchase if it is stored in fulfillment centers without a linked active listing.

Restock inventory

Keeping your FBA inventory at the proper level is essential to providing Prime consumers with quick delivery. 

You can use the restocking features on Amazon’s Seller Central to:

You can use the tools’ recommendations to assist you to choose how much inventory to ship and when to send it based on your inputs, sales history, demand prediction, and seasonality. They are directly integrated into Seller Central’s process for creating shipments and are available for free use.

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