How to list products 

Your first product must be listed before you can sell it on Amazon. Create a new listing if you are the first or only seller, or match an existing listing if someone else is selling the same product on Amazon.

Depending on their selling strategy, vendors upload and list their products in different ways. Simply put, Individual sellers list products one at a time, whereas merchants using Professional seller accounts have the option of listing their products in large batches using bulk uploading or inventory management with third-party systems.

Your product will be available to both B2B and B2C customers once you successfully list it. With this, you can reach a wider audience with your offers from a single account without incurring additional costs.

What you need to get started listing products 

Most of the time, products need to have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), like an EAN, UPC, or ISBN. These product IDs are how Amazon determines which item you are selling. You won’t need to provide a product ID if you match a listing because it already exists. You might need to buy a UPC or ask for an exemption if you’re adding a new product to Amazon.

In addition to a product ID, the following important details are included in every product listing:

A successful listing equates to a successful launch

The success of adding listings can be greatly influenced by using best practices. Make it simple for customers to find your offerings by giving your products descriptive titles, crisp photos, and succinct feature bullets. 

Avoid doing these things to prevent harmful launch effects:

Variations problems

Products that merely differ in size, color, or fragrance may make suitable candidates for listing as variations. Consider whether the customer would anticipate finding the products on the same page. List them separately if not.

Image adherence

Your photos must have a white background and a minimum resolution of 500 by 500 pixels (1,000 x 1,000 for high-quality listings). The item must occupy at least 80% of the image space.

Product IDs 

Ensure that you are adhering to the guidelines for product UPCs and GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). Consistency in these codes promotes trust in the assortment of goods displayed in the Amazon catalog.

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