Amazon aspires to be the world’s most customer-focused company. Amazon helps to build trustworthy experiences and defend businesses and customers from fraud and abuse.

Amazon helps protect your brand in the following ways:

Through Innovation

To recognize and thwart rogue actors and poor listings, Amazon creates cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning models. By continuously enhancing, investing in, and developing defenses, Amazon safeguards both brands and customers.

Through empowerment

In addition to providing resources, knowledge, and training to safeguard and develop your brand, Amazon assists you in registering intellectual property.

By pursuing

Infringing content is prevented, found, and removed online using technology and human resources. Amazon collaborates with companies, law enforcement, and customers from all around the world to put an end to criminal actors in their stores and hold them responsible for their crimes.

By persevering

Infringements are prevented and removed by their best-in-class protection tools and data-driven programs. Amazon won’t give up until the number of counterfeit products is zero.


Use Amazon’s innovative programs to safeguard and grow your brand.

Brand Registry 

Unlock a set of tools that will help you establish and defend your brand while improving the customer experience.

Report a Violation

Find and report any listings that violate your intellectual property or are false. These reports strengthen the automated protections that safeguard your brand.

The IP Accelerator

Obtain intellectual property rights to hasten your access to advantages for protecting and expanding your brand.


Improve consumer engagement, spot supply chain flaws, and proactively defend your brand and customers against counterfeit goods.

Project Zero 

Access the unprecedented ability to immediately remove counterfeit listings 

Counterfeit Crimes Unit

By collaborating with Amazon’s legal team to develop cases against counterfeiters, you may aid in bringing bad actors to justice.

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