Amazon’s E-Commerce Business has been growing tremendously in over 100 countries for the past years. This makes every Amazon seller compete with the sellers and the market. You need to focus daily on time-consuming tasks like tracking records of highly relevant keywords for your product, setting a competitive bid to win the ad auction, analyzing weekly reports to strategize your campaigns, optimizing your campaign to target your client’s ACOS, and many more!

At Liazon marketing, we help Amazon Sellers achieve their business goals by assisting them to strategize, optimize, troubleshoot, and execute effective Amazon Ads. We help Amazon Sellers continuously generate sales through competitive PPC strategies with less spending and improve/maintain your Ranking through our winning, structured, and step-by-step Amazon PPC Campaign Management.

As an Amazon PPC Specialist, here are the services and strategies that we offer:

☑ Listing & Campaign Audit

☑ Amazon sponsored display ads

☑ Keyword research and product launching campaign

☑ PPC campaign set up and management

☑ Optimizing Keywords using Helium10 Cerebro

☑ Brand Defense Strategies: Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display

☑ Brand Offensive Strategies: Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

☑ Campaign and Bid Optimization

☑ Boost traffic and sales

☑ Targeting: Keyword, Product, and Category

☑ Negative Targeting

☑ Dynamic Ad Setup

☑ Analyzing/Generating Data Analytics/Report

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