Insight Dashboard

In a curated customer destination, stores enable sellers and vendors to showcase their brand story and product portfolio. In addition, store owners now have access to a brand-new dashboard that includes a wide range of metrics to help them evaluate the store’s overall performance.

The new dashboard in the Stores interface can be accessed by store owners to examine daily visits, page views, page views per visitor, sales, and sales units. The data can be viewed by page and traffic source, giving you unique insight into how to improve your marketing strategy and find new ways to increase store traffic.

Find the top sources of traffic.

The owners of the store can see which sources are bringing in the most page views and sales, such as organic traffic from Amazon, Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads), and external channels like social media. Additionally, you can use a source tag for your Store URL to track traffic from particular external sources.

For daily visits and views, data is refreshed every day and made available the following day; for attributed units and sales, data is available after two days. For example, if it’s Wednesday, you can see views and daily visits from Tuesday or earlier, and attributed units and sales from Monday or earlier.

Examine Store performance in greater depth.

For a graph-based analysis of metrics, you can switch your dashboard view between Overview, Traffic, Sales, Pages, and Sources.

A CSV file can be exported from the data, which can be accessed by day or over a specific time frame.

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