Why Amazon Advertising is important?

Amazon Advertising has become more important and significant to sellers’ success than any other period in the past. Aside from that, the a10 ppc algorithm is more complex than ever before. As a seller, if you don’t have a defined amazon ppc strategy in place, then it will become increasingly difficult to achieve your advertising goals.


We, the Liazon marketing PPC team, has been dedicated to serve the seller community from it’s inception. We are honored to be a distinct ppc management platform regarding our own statistical, methodological approach along with our dedicated research group that uses unique strategies to achieve the goals we want.

Liazon marketing PPC team offers statistical-based amazon ppc management services which are far than to other ppc software offered by other ad agencies.

We are offering three campaign types of amazon advertising services:

1. Sponsored Products:

A Sponsored Product campaign type is further divided into two segments:-

a) Automatic Campaign:

It is undoubtedly one of the best campaign types Amazon have ever introduced to get the achieve data that truly defines your targeted product. Unfortunately, most of the sellers fail to create such campaigns as they don’t have specialized knowledge to utilize the power of Amazon’s algorighm. With Liazon, we have our own methodological approach to create objective-based segmented Auto campaigns. It has helped us to get the most likely data that we utilize in our manual campaign. We can further evaluate a listing whether it’s optimised or not.

b) Manual Campaign:

Manual campaigns are generally subdivided into two parts:-

  1. Keyword Targeting: Choosing the best keyword is one of the most crucial aspects for Amazon advertising. We have a dedicated team in Liazon who extract most likely keywords based on important buying intent metrics that signifies a keyword’s true potentiality. It’s an in-depth ongoing research conducted by the respective PPC team who tracks and updates the keyword list from time to time. Besides, our bid management strategy is based on an updated algorithm that differs from category to category.
  2. Product Targeting: Category and ASIN targeting are another form of advertising that compete with keyword targeting regarding important buying intent placements. Although targeting products and ASINs is costly, we do have our own extensive research-based criterion that filters out the most relevant ASIN and category segment. It will make your product adventitious from the rest of the targeted products.

2. Sponsored Brands:

Sponsored Brands campaigns basically help customers discover and engage with a brand in important search placements. We, the Liazon Marketing PPC team, will help you to build an attractive, customer-friendly landing page or a Store that will generate awareness among targeted audiences.

Besides, we will optimise your custom headline to maximise your products visibility through higher Click-through-rates. We would also help you utilize the Video Ads option to attract more relevant customers to your store page.

3. Sponsored Display:

Sponsored Display is often underutilized by sellers. With careful observations, you may wonder how crucial it is while occupying important placements to increase sales velocity. Liazon PPC team unifies this campaign type with Sponsored Product campaigns based on objectivity, alignment and performance. Most importantly, it would help us to reach relevant audiences outside Amazon with a controlled budget.

Currently, we are offering a Free Amazon PPC Account Audit to the seller community.

Please feel free to contact us and book your schedule to get a Free Audit Services.