Product Research for Amazon Sellers

How to find a sales-worthy product on Amazon? Product Research for Amazon sellers is a CRITICAL aspect of any monetization strategy. Sure, you could stumble upon something that’s an “instant winner”, but the likelihood of that happening is fairly low, considering there are millions of Amazon and eCommerce sellers out there which means the chances […]

Optimizing Amazon Auto PPC Campaigns

Wasting Money on Auto PPC

As mentioned earlier, the obvious problem with running Auto Campaigns as opposed to Manual campaigns is to that you don’t have enough control to target preferable keywords or ASINs that are most likely of high value to your product. Amazon automatically defines the search terms based on its product evaluation that might not necessarily be profitable when displayed as Ads.


Is your Amazon Listing Really Optimized

As a general rule, you should have at least one lifestyle or custom shot. People look for a product based on practicality, but they BUY that product based on emotion. If you don’t have people utilizing your product in the imagery, it makes it difficult for the customer to see themselves using it.

Practices to Avoid While Collecting My Amazon Reviews

Collecting My Amazon Reviews

  Here are a few practices to avoid while collecting My Amazon reviews. There are numerous avenues that Amazon Sellers can choose in order to increase their conversion rates. Of the many optimization opportunities, reviews remain one of the leading and most influential selling points for buyers.  Because customers rely so heavily on the opinion […]

Amazon Conversion Rates: Voice Search vs. Mobile vs. Desktop

Amazon Conversion Rates: Voice Search vs Mobile vs Desktop

Hey Alexa, can you find premium leather men’s wallets?  Or maybe some extra thick winter socks?  While you’re at it, Alexa, can you please show me pink handbags for women? The answer is – of course, she can! Amazon has engineered Alexa keywords to be so responsive and accurate that the world of online shopping […]


why are amazons product descriptions not showing up

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How To Pick a Good Product to Sell on Amazon


Deciding what product to sell on Amazon can be overwhelming. Everything from public demand to profit margins to long-term sustainability must be considered. You also have to decide what platforms you are going to utilize – both for selling and marketing your product.  If you plan on utilizing Amazon as your primary marketplace, there are […]