**Prices subject to change based on needs and circumstances

Main Images that can be used on Amazon and in Social Media Websites 

Product Photography – Photographer, Studio & Styling fees (a la carte) 

Regular listing = $60/image 

– Includes planning, photographic execution, styling, and artistic direction and admin

Design, Infographics, photo editing, and custom photos

Regular listing = $100/image

Regular listing (Hero image and 7 listing images) = $699

A+ Content listing = $1,000

A+ Content  PLUS 8 Main Image = $1,400


  1. Props sourcing fee = $40 per hour plus cost of props (at client discretion)
  2. Outdoor photos and lifestyle images will be quoted separately
  3. GIFs – Price of product plus $75.00 

Rebate Key or Rebate Jet Targeted Launch and Giveaway: $300/month 

** For an explanation on how RK works, please click on the link below


Image Keyword Optimization: $26 per image 

Implementation of keywords within images to expand your chances of being found on SERPs.

Video Keyword Optimization: $45 per video

Implementation of keywords within a video to expand your chances of being found on SERPs.