Live Diagnostic Analysis: 

$50 for 60 minutes

Includes audit of your listing, photography, A+ content, Seller Central set-up, refinement funnels, category nodes, pricing, competitors, and goals/implementation

 **cancelations must be notified within 24 hours 

Traditional Listing Optimization
: $350

Competitor Research, Listing Optimization, Backend Optimization, Proper Browse Node and Category Implementation 

Listing Optimization for Variations/Child ASINS: $150

Content remains the same but the keywords and details change throughout the copy and backend to maximize visibility on SERPs. 

12-Step Optimization: $499

This is for products that already have established a good sales history, are ranking well, and have solid reviews. We meticulously extract keywords that aren’t ranking and replace them with more valuable keywords, while also ensuring we keep the current rank of the listing by keeping those valuable keywords that are currently ranking well.

PPC-Driven Listing Optimization: $599 

This is an aggressive way of doing a listing optimization after we’ve collected enough data to implement back into your listing.  We build extensive campaigns at a daily budget of ($50-$100) for 7-10 days. We then extrapolate the highest converting keywords based on the data provided and use these keywords in the listing optimization so you can organically rank for high-bid keywords. 

Review Listing Optimization: $450

We use the reviews of your top 5 competitors to extrapolate keywords and content that put you at an advantage against your competition. 

Subscription: $1200/year

This is a listing and PPC optimization maintenance package. We analyze how your listing is performing every 4-6 weeks. If the listing drops rank below 250 keywords per week, we go back in and re-optimize your listing. Or if you just want us to re-optimize your listing for the holidays, Black Friday, etc

PPC Maintenance Per Asin Per Month

  • One Time Manual PPC Campaign Set-Up (with no maintenance): $150 per ASIN
  • PPC Campaign Package of 5: $350 per ASIN/ month
  • PPC Campaign Package of 10: $450 per ASIN/month
  • PPC Campaign Package of 20: $550 per ASIN/month
  • UNLIMITED PPC Campaign Package: $650 per ASIN/month 
  • PPC Campaign ASIN Variations = $100/month

: $400 per ASIN/month and $100 per Child ASIN

We use specialized techniques to keep your competitors from showing up as sponsored ads on the SERPs you are ranking high for. 

PPC Mentoring: $250

Our PPC experts teach you how to set up campaigns, how to optimize PPC, what aspects to look for, trips and tricks, etc