Positive seller reputation & Feedback


Positive seller reputation refers to the overall impression buyers have about a seller based on their previous interactions and transactions. It is an indicator of how reliable, honest, and professional the seller is perceived to be. A positive reputation means that the seller has a history of providing good products, excellent customer service, and fulfilling their commitments to buyers.

Feedback on Etsy is a way for buyers to express their opinions and experiences with a particular seller. After a transaction is completed, buyers have the option to leave feedback and a rating for the seller based on their overall satisfaction with the purchase and the seller’s performance. Feedback can be positive, neutral, or negative, depending on the buyer’s experience.


Positive seller feedback, specifically, is when a buyer leaves a positive review and high rating for a seller’s performance. This typically indicates that the buyer had a good experience with the seller and is happy with their purchase.

Positive feedback is crucial for sellers on Etsy because it helps build their reputation and credibility within the Etsy community. Sellers with a high number of positive feedback and good ratings are often more likely to attract potential buyers and make more sales.

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