PPC Maintenance Per Asin Per Month:

  • One Time Manual PPC Campaign Set-Up (with no maintenance): per ASIN
  • PPC Campaign Package of 5: per ASIN/ month
  • PPC Campaign Package of 10: per ASIN/month
  • PPC Campaign Package of 20: per ASIN/month
  • UNLIMITED PPC Campaign Package: per ASIN/month
  • PPC Campaign Variations = Child /month

ASIN BUSTER:  per ASIN/month and per Child ASIN

We use specialized techniques to keep your competitors from showing up as sponsored ads on the SERPs you are ranking high for.

PPC Mentoring:

Our PPC experts teach you how to set up campaigns, how to optimize PPC, what aspects to look for, trips and tricks, etc.

Rebate Key or Rebate Jet Targeted Launch and Giveaway:  per ASIN /month

** For an explanation on how RK works, please click on the link below