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Here are some reasons why people fail at Google PPC Management

In online marketing, a landing page is a single webpage, designed specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages have a single focus or aim, known as CTA (call to action) that increases conversion and lowers acquiring costs for marketing campaigns. Never send campaign traffic directly to your website homepage.

We have seen people approaching agencies or freelancers expecting success overnight but that is not the case in today’s competitive market. It takes a few months for strategies to work properly. If you can’t run a campaign for at least 3 months, don’t start one.

In starting days, your newly made campaign is like a newborn baby, it doesn’t know where to show, whom to show, and how much to spend for one conversion. Make a clear mindset that you are not spending money on the campaign, you are investing it. People ready to invest can only earn in future.

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Here's how we engineered a successful campaign

Understanding nature of business

Before constructing a campaign, first, we dive deep into your business nature, your USP (Unique Selling Proposal), making business numbers clear and crafting an irresistible offer for the target market.

Crafting campaign to perform

By analyzing thousands of phrases and search terms, we identify high-intent keywords and write eye-catching problem-solving ad copy. Reinforcing it with a negative keywords list and going live.

Pursue never-ending optimization

Once the campaign is live, the real game begins now we start optimizing it according to inputs and conversions. Optimization is pure oxygen for a campaign to strengthen its ability to convert more.

Experimenting A/B Testing

Behind every successful campaign, A/B testing plays a vital role. We test different landing page variations, ad copy, keywords and much more to find out the best performing combination.

Introducing ourselves and why you should choose us

We are a Noida-based Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency that specializes in Google PPC Ads Management & Landing Page Designing. We are experts at generating leads for businesses.

We specialize in helping Small & Medium Businesses that don’t have a big budget and skilled people to handle their online advertising. With us, you can focus on your business while we take care of all your online advertising. Interested in launching a successful campaign? Let’s talk.


Frequently asked questions

It depends on how many leads you want in a week or month. If you target only a single city, spend at least 20,000/- per month. And maximum according to your appetite. Click cost will vary from city to city and competition level. Plus our monthly management fee is additional, depending on your monthly ads spend budget.

Yes, anyone can run PPC Ads however it will cost you more money and time in comparison to a skilled professional or an agency because they have sharpened their skills through running ads for a long period and learning from making tons of mistakes. Of course, we will charge you a fee, but it will cost you less than doing it yourself.

It will work for sure, But you also have to work with leads that your ads are generating, I mean your business has someone or a sales team there that will convert leads into clients or customers.

An average campaign starts giving you some results in a month. But when we run your campaign, you can expect it within a week. To achieve a good return from the campaign, you need to wait upto 3 months.

No, It’s good for a business that has a high ticket sale size ( Like an interior designing company, a wedding photographer ) or businesses having recurring repurchases ( like the dentist, physiotherapists or software company) or having a high-profit margin or regular requirements ( like pest control, ac repair service ). Any business type having high LTV ( lifetime value ) customer. Please never change any agency before 3 months. Connect with us to find out whether your business should consider Google Ads or not.


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