What is a Listing Optimization?

Just as the name sounds, an Amazon product listing optimization is a series of steps to ensure that the detailed page of your product is as enticing to buyers as possible. Many people think this just means the front end (i.e. beautiful photography, persuasive sales content, and product listing search terms in the title, bullets, and product description). And it is – but that’s just on the front side.

What many people don’t realize is that a thorough listing optimization also involves proper Seller Central set-up with amazon backend search terms. Without ensuring that your backend is filled out and optimized properly, you are ignoring half of the equation and that  can have a profound impact on your overall performance and sales.

What Are the Benefits of Product Listing Services?

At Liazon, we have always found that analogies work best when defining the importance of Amazon product listing requirements.

Say you go to a car dealership and they have an abundance of enticing signs that offer great deals and stickers marked off at great discounts. Say the salespeople are charming and convincing and they reel you in with promises of great deals. That’s kind of how advertising on Amazon works – whether you are using Amazon PPC, Facebook Ads, Manychat, etc. These advertisement funnels are great at enticing the customers.

The problem is the car itself (which, in the analogy, would be your listing). You get into the car and you realize that the engine isn’t properly set up. The paint job is subpar,  the gadgets don’t work, and the car didn’t look like any of the showroom cars they had enticed you with.

This is what happens when people land on a poorly written listing. The advertising can be great but if the Amazon Listing Product Description is poorly written, the photography is something to be desired, and the bullets don’t highlight the benefits and features, then that impression “click” will not turn into a sale.

This is single-handedly why impression rates can be so high but the conversion rates can end up being very low. Getting people TO a landing page is easy. But if it’s not an Optimized Amazon Product Listing, that impression won’t turn into a conversion. This is the number one reason why sellers bleed money into their PPC and why their ACOS ends up being so high. Simply put, your listing is your car and it needs to be operating smoothly (inside and out) for your product to perform well.

What Does Liazon Marketing Offer for Amazon Product Keyword Research and Optimization?

We believe in a whole-picture tactic. Just like a car, we believe a listing cannot perform correctly unless all the components are optimized. This doesn’t just mean your Amazon photography, infographics, or sales copy.

This means ensuring your Amazon backend search terms are filled out correctly and that you are in the proper browse nodes and refinement funnels. Without all of these elements being intact, your “car” will not perform to its fullest potential and who wants a lemon for a listing?

With Liazon, you can trust in a full-service approach that will guarantee your listing will perform the way it is meant to.