Amazon Services.

Listing Optimization, Keyword Research, Extensive Competitor & Market Analysis, Backend Optimization, Influencers/Brand Ambassadors, PPC, Account Management


Amazon Listing Optimization

Traditional Listing Optimization

Competitor Research, Listing Optimization, Backend Optimization, Proper Browse Node and Category Implementation.

Listing Optimization for Variations/Child ASINS

Content remains the same but the keywords and details change throughout the copy and backend to maximize visibility on SERPs.

12-Step Optimization

This is for products that already have established a good sales history, are ranking well, and have solid reviews. We meticulously extract keywords that aren’t ranking and replace them with more valuable keywords, while also ensuring we keep the current rank of the listing by keeping those valuable keywords that are currently ranking well.

Subscription/Listing Enhancement

This is for products that already have established a good sales history, are ranking well, and have solid reviews and is created the same way we do our 12-step optimization. We encourage this monthly subscription to ensure your listing is always performing optimally for PPC and for organic rank along with staying ahead of the competition.



Discount Launching Services

Rebate Key & Rebaid Launching Services

Launch your products on Amazon with discounted services which help lower your BSR, increase your sales, and help you rank for your top 4 keyword phrases.


PPC Portfolio Management

PPC Maintenance

  • One Time Manual PPC Campaign Set-Up
    (with 15 days of maintenance)
  • PPC Campaign Package of 5
  • PPC Campaign Package of 10
  • PPC Campaign Package of 20
  • UNLIMITED PPC Campaign Package

ASIN Buster

ASIN Buster is a specific type of campaign solely designed to target competitor ASINs to get maximum market share by ensuring important buying intent placements which can’t be occupied through keyword targeting.


PPC Mentoring

Our PPC experts teach you how to set up campaigns, how to optimize PPC, what aspects to look for, trips and tricks, etc.



Image & Video Optimization

Image Keyword Optimization

Implementation of keywords within images to expand your chances of being found on SERPs.

Video Keyword Optimization

Implementation of keywords within a video to expand your chances of being found on SERPs.


Photography & A+ Content

Product Photography

White background images that are sized for use on Amazon, website, and social media platforms.

Lifestyle Photos

Photography using real models and/or props.

Logo and Graphics Design

Looking for a company that creates and sizes logos and graphics for your product, webpage, or video channel? Set up a consultation to go over what you are looking for and we will provide an assortment of options to choose from that will make your product or service stand-out!

A+ Content PLUS 8 Main Images

  • Hero shot + 7 main listing images
    (Amazon Main Listing)
  • A+ Images/banners, images, sales copy, and keywords

Custom Photos & Infographics

Includes integrating stock photography, photoshop, and infographics executed by our professional graphic artists.


Professional videos (30 sec  or 1 min) that can be used for your Amazon listing, Sponsored ads, Website, Social Media, and more.

A+ Content Listing
Beautiful Brand Story Layout

(only available to Brand Registered products)

  • Brand Logo
  • 2-3 Banners
  • 6 photos (300×300)
  • Brand Story
  • Persuasive Sales Content
  • Keywords
  • Images formatted to be used for Social Media and Website

Storefront Build

Monthly Maintenance – Ask for details


Account Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

Account Maintenance

Includes customer service on Amazon (i.e. responding to buyer queries, reimbursement of lost and damaged units by Amazon, and Seller Central account monitoring (fixing suppressed issues, listing enhancement issues, stranded listing issues, opening up cases, and bad feedback removal)