Shopify Dropshipping:

Shopify Dropshipping is a business in which you make your store on Shopify and present products on your store a theme’s layout. Then link suppliers to the store so they can deliver products to the customer. You don’t have to buy stock when the customer will place order you simply will have to click on the full filament and the supplier and Shopify will do the rest.

Shopify Domain = 10$-50$+/year (decide on name selection)

Shopify Subscription = 29$ / month 

Paid Premium Theme = 150$-300$ (optional)

My Charges for building the whole website which includes:

Store creation , evaluation, Product hunting , store optimization , supplier hunting, theme application , adding of more than 20 to 30 apps and adding 30 products  to make the website and setting up payment gateways = 250$( with paid theme)

In your case, Since you are gonna be providing the products and you already have them

And your website needs improvement and optimisation ( Change of layout with a good Paid Premium theme. In market the price of that theme will be above 250$ but we are gonna provide it to you with complete optimisation of the store in just 50$.

For the testing phase: (Total Ad Spent = 500$-2k$)

We are going to run FB ads on 3-6 top-rated products.

Ad campaigns cost and results:

Results will start from the first first  ad campaign ran on your Ad account . So, you’ll know with every step that where does your business stand . And so by seeing everything you can decide and predict that where is business leading.

In this ad spent budget we will run ad campaigns for first 10 days. (each ad

will be of 30$ per day). Budget can be increased depending on the results.

✓ In this ad spent budget we will run ad campaigns for first 10 days. (each ad will be of 30$ per day). Budget can be increased depending on the results.

✓ First two months will be the analyzing phase in which we are gonna analyze the results and we are gonna start getting sales Insha’Allah.

1 ad campaigns = 1 or more Ad sets = 1 or more ads / day

Note: an ad campaign contains 4 ad sets an ad set contains an ad.

Results will start in the first campaign everything will be shared with you as a report after completion of

Every ad campaign. With result of each campaign CTR , CPR , Add to Carts , Purchases and ROAS will be calculated and then next step will be decided according to the results.

My monthly salary for Handling your store and running FB ads =  300$

After the analysis we are gonna pick the Excellent sales giving products and Excellently performing ads and we are gonna   do aggressive advertisements on them hence we are most probably gonna get  2x  result. For instance, if our ad spent in our 2nd month is same then our ROAS can be b/w 2 and 5.

Starting profit 7 to 14%

Expected Profit b/w 3rd and 5th month 15 to 35%

Expected profit b/w 5th and the 7th month  40 to 50% 

Further after making it your brand you can get profit  up to 70+%

Further, I have told you things in detail during our meeting. We can discuss further if you would like.

With this net profit per month you can flip your store by selling it at the price of up to 50K$ to 500K$.