Customer Reviews & Customer Ratings


“Top notch service from the Liazon Marketing team. Always a solid choice when looking for experts in PPC, SEO, Listing optimization, A+ and more.”

Joshua Porter

“Very happy to have had Liazon Marketing recommended to me. Great team to work with who know how to create the best listing for you and offer everything you need for success. Looking forward to Q4 results!”

Rachel Jensen

“Really happy with Liazon Marketing after being recommended to me. Great team to work with, who really know how to create the best listing for you and do everything in their power to improve sales, ranking, SEO and your overall position”

Alicia Mewburn

“Since being recommended to Liazon marketing, I have been nothing but impressed with the efforts they have gone to with their customer service. My two listing optimisation’s have landed my products on page 1 organically right from the start. Will definitely be using them again!”
Cathy Dixon

“I started working with Liazon Marketing back in Q4 2019 after learning about them in various FB groups. I have had them do Listing Optimizations and Image Optimizations on all of my 4 PL products and have had fantastic results. They are great to work with and always go above and beyond in delivering results.”

Julie Toman

“Fantastic results thanks to Liazon Marketing. I had some serious technical issues with my Amazon listings, and through their comprehensive diagnostic service, I was able to revive the listings almost instantaneously. Back to fully indexing and page 1 in many cases within 24 hours, where numerous other consultants had failed to help. Thank you SO much!”

Stacey Thompson

“At the beginning of my e-commerce journey, I felt overwhelmed by the many different approaches one can take for advertising, in particular through the Amazon platform. I am very happy I chose to work with Liazon Marketing straight off the bat for my first listing, as they have helped my first product make rapid sales, literally hours after their input! I look forward to growing my brand with Liazon. Highly recommended!”
Matt Scott

“I did the listing Optimization and PPC myself. It was OK for a while then we started to loose BSR quickly. We were almost to a point of servering ties with Amazon and disposing of 2 entire product lines. Liazon Marketing was recommended by an associate. The team at Liazon Marketing gave an honest upfront appraisal of the listings in a very efficient timely manner. A plan was discussed and implemented. The results are absolutely astounding. I have total faith in Liazon Marketing. For the next product launch, I won’t try and do it myself. I’ll be engaging Liazon Marketing from the start.”
Quentin Napier

“Having a listing on Amazon for 8 months, my product was not taking off. I was pulling my hair out trying to optimise and wasted so much money on PPC. A friend recommended Liazon Marketing and I haven’t looked back. The Team analysised my listing and found many flaws. From there they ‘re created’ my listing. It’s only been a few weeks but have already seen improvement in sales, especially organic. I have another product ready to be rolled out soon and won’t be wasting time and money doing the listing myself. I will be handing it straight to Liazon. These guys know their stuff. They are cheerful and fun to work with and with a serious bottom-line, they get it done! Fast efficient and very professional. Definitely worth the money and peace of mind. Highly recommend their services.”
Deborah Maher

“Very friendly and professional. I was stuck and got instant results.”

James Ruth