Liazon Marketing is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most talked-about Amazon Consulting Firms. Our team delivers top-quality Listing and Image Optimizations, custom and data-driven PPC Services, stunning Photography and A+ Content, and comprehensive Product Research. Liazon Marketing increases your sales, revenue, and market dominance while reducing unnecessary expenditures.

We adapt the following strategies to offer each client premium solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Each optimization is created specifically for your product. All keywords are based on product profitability and conversion rate. Bid adjustments are made to obtain the prime advertisement position. By removing irrelevant search terms we eliminate unnecessary increase to your ACOS percentage. The needless clicks can lead to a lack of sales which negatively impacts your listing.

We utilize Negative Keywords in the Auto and Broad campaigns to ensure you invest your money in the best keywords for your product. Incorporating new search terms as keywords to a PPC campaign will increase the quality of the keywords. This is based on your target ACOS, conversion rate, number of sales, and other essential metrics. ACOS percentages can increase from unnecessary clicks on ASINs that are not relevant to your product. Liazon ensures your product will show only on relevant competitor SERP.

We review the price and desired ACOS then establish the most relevant products, ASINs, and categories. Our bid adjustments are based on your historical data and our findings to achieve the best results. After analyzing the ACOS results Liazon Marketing targets the best competitive ASINs and categories to maximize your audience and increase conversion rates.

Liazon Marketing is a family created business that prides itself on the team we have built and the clientele in which we have created a bond. Our goal is to develop an experience that is unique for each client and their specific needs.


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Photography and A+
Product Launch


Whether you are a new seller on Amazon or a veteran with numerous stores, Liazon Marketing works tirelessly to develop and implement a plan specifically to suit your needs. From listing optimizations, to A+ content, to PPC Campaigns, and product launch services, we are with you every step of the way.


Liazon is Raising the Bar